5 Best Kites for Toddlers (2021)

Today, we will be giving an in-depth look at the five best kites for toddlers (that are well suited for kids under the age of 3!).

The practice of flying kites has always been very famous among individuals. One segment of these individuals includes toddlers (children between 1-3 years of age).

Studies have found that kite flying has encouraged toddlers to gain confidence, boost their immunity, improved their fine motor skills, and has also helped them to socialize. 

Most kids today like to stay indoors and play inside their homes on digital gadgets because they find outdoor games ordinary and boring. 

Introducing kite flying could be an excellent idea, as it is one of the best outdoor games that your child can participate in. 

It’s not only a fun game to play, but it also helps the child to connect with natural surroundings like wind, sky, clouds, etc. 

And now, without further ado, take a look at our list of the best kites for toddlers!

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Best Kites for Toddlers

HENGDA KITE-Strong Phoenix with Long Colorful Tail

We all wished to fly like a bird once in our lives when we were small, but it is not possible until we are on an airplane or a helicopter.

Flying the rainbow-colored tail Hengda Phoenix kite will give you the same flying experience.

Its 5-color tail will not only beautify the sky but will also win your kid’s heart with its incredible flight. 

What We Like 

  • The Hengda Phoenix kite is made with durable materials like Fiberglass Sticks and Rip-stop Nylon. 
  • The kite comes with a 500 ft long Dacron Flying Line. 
  • The price of this kite is a bit on the higher side because it is handmade and is crafted with care and passion. 
  • It is safe for kids.  
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StuffKidsLove Delta Kite

Things with unique shapes and colors always attract kids. The Delta kite which we are talking about here is also of the same kind. Its design is inspired by Chinese bird kites, and it comes in the most bright colors.

The Delta kite is one of the best kites for toddlers because it can be folded and transported easily. When traveling or visiting a park with your child, you can always bring the kite along with you.

It also comes in a variety of sizes, making it simple to determine which size is best for your child.

Delta Kite Description and Details 

  • The Delta Kite comes in many different colors and designs. 
  • The kite comes with a 200 ft long string. 
  • The StuffKidsLove gives you the option to replace the kite if you ever lose or break it. 
  • The kite pack comes with a spare tail ribbon and a crossbar, which makes it worth your money. 

The Verdict 

This kite is exactly what it says it is: simple to fly for children and beginners. My seven-year-old grandson had this kite flying high and doing tricks in no time (an adult has to hold and launch it to get it going as per the instructions).

He loves it so much that we’re getting him a second one so he can have one at home and one at my house!

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Henga Butterfly Kite

Butterflies are one of those creatures designed to make you smile and relax with their lovely prints and colors. If your child is a butterfly lover, this kite can be the best option.

This well-made stunning kite is manufactured with love in the Kite Capitol of China, i.e., Weifang.

What We Like 

  • The kite is made with durable material and is suitable for flying in high winds
  • The kite comes with enough string to fly and doesn’t require a spool. 
  • The kite is made of a very thin fiber, which keeps it light-weight.

What We Don’t Like

It can be difficult for your child to handle this kite because it mostly consists of sticks. It’s essential to place all the sticks in a proper way in order to make the kite fly.

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Hengda Octopus Kite

The octopus kite is not only known for its cuteness and multiple legs, but it is also one of the world’s most unusual and intriguing sea creatures.

If your child enjoys being different or wants to try something new and exciting in terms of kite designs, the Hengda Octopus Kite may be the best option.

The Hengda octopus kite is easy to transport, as it is made with light materials and can fit into small places easily. This easy-to-fly kite doesn’t require any construction and is perfect to be flown on beaches. 

What We Like

  • The kite is made of thin plastic and parafoil
  • It comes in several different colors
  • It comes with a spool. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The materials used in this kite are less durable, which makes it less costly than other kites. 
  • The kite is prone to get tangled and thus, needs extra care while flying and handling. 

The Verdict

What a fantastic kite! This thing is effortless to fly. Unlike the other kites we tried, this one was extremely simple to use even in low wind.

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Mint’s Colorful Life DIY Kites

DIY kites encourage children to be creative while also allowing them to personalize their kites.

Mint’s Colorful Life DIY Kites come in a special pack that includes three kites, a color kit, and kite handles with lines.

The kite not only allows you to decorate and color it, but it also provides you with a smooth flight. It is made of high-quality materials and is simple to put together.

The Mint brand is one of the best kites for toddlers because it offers three kites for the price of one.

What We Like

  • The kite is made of a material called Thin Polyester. 
  • The kite handle line which comes with the pack is 150 ft per handle. 
  • Sketch pens, watercolors, and crayons are a few different types of materials that can be used for decorating the kite. 

What We Don’t Like

Overall, the kites fly well, but the markers are terrible. It’s no surprise that you won’t find Crayola or RoseArt markers in this low-cost three-pack.

The Verdict

This was a great activity for COVID distancing on a sunny day.

They’re extremely fine-tipped, and they work well enough for an essentially disposable item.

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