5 Best Kites for Strong Wind

So you have packed all the flying gear, got your sunscreen ready, and are prepared to take the kids out to fly kites.

But uh-oh! It’s a windy day, and you are wondering whether your ordinary kite will be able to withstand the wind or not, so you decide to 86 your plans for kite flying and stay inside instead.

You are in luck, because we are here to save the day!

With these five best kites for strong wind, there’s no chance anything will come between you and your fun flying time. 

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Flying Kites During Strong Winds- Is it Possible?

Experts say that a range of 4-40mph is perfect for flying a kite. However, near about 40+ mph, some kites begin to pull too hard and become difficult to control or do tricks with them.

Kites that fly in winds above the range become much higher, more challenging to manage, pull too hard, and are more difficult to track. Wind can shred the stitches and fabric, as well as split framing and line.

It may also raise the risk of injury in the event of a hard crash.

While standard kites do well in a low wind speed range of 1-4mph, Delta Diamond and Parafoil Box-shaped kites are suggested for a moderate breeze.

5 Best Kites for Strong Wind

With the kites mentioned below, this is not the case. These aerodynamically designed kites slash through the wind like a hot knife through butter.

Made up of solid material, they will not let you down in terms of robustness as well.

Let’s take a look at the five best kites for strong wind!

1) Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite for Kids & Adults

If you want a kite that does not break a sweat regardless of whether you bang, crash or crush it, this should be the one to go for. It is a single-line kite that is entirely hand-made.

It has twin tales (2.6m) and comes bundled with a 200ft anti-tangle Flying line, a handle, an instruction manual, a spare parts kit, and a carry bag. 

The company also claims that it is unbreakable and offers free replacement under their Sea-‘n’-Tree “No-Loss” Guarantee!

The Verdict

This is a great kite!! Purchased for a sentimental trip to Lake Michigan, I wanted a simple kite that I knew wouldn’t require a lot of skill, nor need a lot of attention/effort once it was aloft.

This kite was perfect for the trip. It fit in my suitcase and was very, very easy to assemble.

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2) Prism Synapse 170 Dual Line Parafoil Kite

Made of ripstop polyester, the Prism Synapse 170 can easily handle wind speeds up to 40kms/hr! With dual-line control and a self-inflating parafoil mechanism, excellent control and agility come with ease.

The company also offers both single and double-lined options. Since it does not have any frame parts, it can be easily stored in a backpack. Wrist straps and lines are also included in the package.

The Verdict

The Prism Synapse 170 is fast, maneuverable, and easy to fly. I crashed my 170 lots of times while I was learning to fly it, and this kite just kept bouncing back.

The quality is top-notch, and I find them hard to beat. Let the kids start with the 140, and they’ll be wanting more. 

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3) Henga Octopus Kite

Rising from the international kite capital – Weifang, China- this Henga kite is shaped like an octopus and would be ideal if you are planning to save money.

The Henga Octopus kite is 32 inches in width and 157 inches in length. It has various trails which represent the tentacles. Henga offers six different colors to choose from!

Being frameless, it’s easy to pack. Hence, this kite can be a good pick if you like to travel.

It comes assembled to save you from the hassle and is made up of 100% nylon. 

The Verdict

A fantastic kite! The Henga Octopus Kite is so effortless and fun to fly. Unlike most other kites we tried in the same price range, this one was super-simple.

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4) WindNSun Aircraft Red Baron Super Size 3D Nylon Kite

The Wind N Sun Aircraft Red Baron is an excellent extra large alternative for a tough kite that stands steady in wind gusts.

The wingspan of the Wind N Sun Aircraft Red Baron is 39 inches and features a very bold and vibrant design. The bright red bi-plane kite design is made of a fiberglass frame with robust ripstop nylon. 

The company offers several other designs such as dragon, pirate ship, space shuttle, and spin box. It also has a 170-foot flying line out of the box.

Although it does require light assembly, you can fly it in the high winds without worrying about durability once you’ve put it together. 

The Verdict

The Wind N Sun Aircraft Red Baron is easy to assemble, flies nicely, and looks great in the sky. For its price, you can’t beat the value!

Therefore, the Red Baron kite earns itself its rightful place on the list of the best kites for strong wind.

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5) Melissa & Doug Multi-Color Wind Runner Cutter Kite

The Melissa & Doug Multi-Color Wind Runner Cutter Kite has a wingspan of 18-inches and comes reinforced with quality stitching and flexible fiberglass struts, which enables longer flying time without discomfort.

It also comes with a 118m long easy-grip line. 

The Verdict

The Melissa & Doug Multi-Color Wind Runner Cutter Kite kite is AMAZING. It looks stunning, soaring in the sky with its long, vibrant red ribbons.

Every time we fly it, we’ve got one, or two, or even a crowd of onlookers who have to stop and watch for a while.

My daughter LOVES it.