beautiful ocean photo

Ocean Photography aboard a Stand Up Paddleboard Vehicle

Stand up paddyboarding, popularly referred to as SUP has of recent become a popular cross-training sport, largely because of its ability to give a full-body workout. You get to enjoy the waters as you sweat it out. Since SUP is carried out while standing, you also get to enjoy the expansive view of the ocean or the lush vegetation along the river in case you’re paddling a river.

beautiful ocean photo
beautiful ocean photo

Ocean photography

The breathtaking horizons of the ocean are not the only stunning things you get to enjoy when doing the SUP. If you are crazy about photography, you can take spectacular shots of the ocean and especially those magnificent sunsets. Arguably, ocean photography produces some of the most awe-inspiring depictions of nature.

Taking photos aboard a SUP can be a wonderful experience. You get to kill not two birds but three of them with a stone. Your body gets a great workout, you enjoy the beach and the wavy sensation of the ocean, and you carry those incredible memories of the sunset safely packed in your camera.

Factors to consider 

To make your photography aboard a SUP enjoyable, you need to take some precautions. Start with ensuring your safety. To this end, make certain you have the right SUP for your weight and also the need to do photography while paddling. Also, ensure that you have the right leash, for keeping you nicely tethered to the paddleboard is critical in case you accidentally fall over. To sum up your safety, arm yourself with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), a whistle, and wear practical clothes for the occasion. Oh, and if you’re chasing after the sunset, carry a light.

Again, making sure you choosing the right SUP is very important.

Now that you have ensured your safety the next thing is to take care of your photography equipment. To keep off the sand and the heat from the sun from damaging your equipment, use a zip lock to cover your equipment. Also, if you have a waterproof camera, that’s good. If not, use a strap and hang the camera around your neck, for obvious reasons.

How to take amazing shots of the ocean

photo girlYou have the right stand-up paddle boarding quipment, and you are sure you have taken all the right precautions to ensure your safety and that of your photography equipment.

So then how do you guarantee those perfect shots for the perfect moments?

The following tips will help you take great seascape photos

  1. Start with your balance. If you have never done SUP, practice before you embark on that ocean photography adventure.
  2. You’ll need to adjust your camera settings to suit the prevailing weather elements. If the ocean is a stormy range, set your shutter speed to a fast mode. If the ocean is calm, set the shutter speed on a slow mode.
  3. If possible, fit your camera with a neutral density filter to reduce the amount of light entering the camera if you’re to take photos in the middle of the day.
  4. To capture the best view of the ocean, time when the sun is low in the sky.
  5. If water splashes on your camera, there’s a likelihood of salty spots on your photos. Wipe the camera with a lens cloth.
  6. Find your focal point. Apart from the sunsets and sunrises don’t forget the waves, the coastlines, the glistening rocks, the human element, and the sea creatures.

Finally, you can paddle your way to your ocean photography adventure.

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