At the Doctor’s Office – Ooh.. Scary!

5-Eyes on Dr Teeth

The Chief’s first dentist appointment!
He did great!
Here’s why I think it went so smoothly…
He sat on my lap and I held his hand.
We had a good amount of “Yay, everybody loves the dentist” pep talks with him in the days leading up to his appointment.
We had an awesome dentist! He’s a military pediatric dentist and he knew exactly what to say to help kiddo feel comfortable. He showed him every tool and explained what it’s used for.
Hubby took off work and came with us. The Chief behaves better sometimes when Daddy’s around.

1-Dentist weapons of choice

While the dentist was prepping, we sat and checked out the room.  The look on his face tells me he’s looking around to make sure nobody’s holding a vaccination needle!

4-Brush brush brush

Hubby and I were so surprised he actually let the dentist get into his mouth! He did very well with all the poking, cleaning, and fiddling around in there….. right up until the dentist picked up the little paintbrush and fluoride varnish. When he saw that, he screamed in terror and jumped off my lap… he was DONE.

But hubby and I were satisfied because the visit went great overall and the dentist said he has NO CAVITIES… YAY!!


Not sure what was so scary-looking about this dental varnish. No worries… I just took it home and applied it to his teeth while he was asleep. It’s a protective coating of fluoride that pediatric dentists paint on teeth of kids under age 4. It’s similar to toothpaste except it’s extremely sticky and it’s painted on instead of brushed… which is why his dentist advised that I apply it when he’s asleep, so I can take my time and get it on every tooth without a fight. Good call, Doc!!

3-Boopy and Dr Teeth

The Chief and his dentist.
I guess kiddo was still pissed off about the dentist trying to “kill” him with that paintbrush :/

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